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Aladdin March 21 Episode Video

Serial: Aladdin
Episode Number:12
Telecast Date: March 21, 2009

In March 21 episode of Aladdin, aired on Zee, Junaid first chickens out, but when Zara insists, he agrees to go out and get Jinn's head. Jinn gives him a magical blanket that would make him disappear.

On his way, Junaid trips and the blanket slips off him. The gatekeepers catch him, but Aladdin and Jasmine come just in time to rescue him.

Junaid picks up Jinn's head and runs. In a shocking twist of the episode, on reaching the palace, they realization that the head is actually of Kali Kabali. Jinn, however, does not mind.

Aladdin frees Jinn from his slavery. All's well that ends well.

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Aired on Zee TV and produced by Applause Entertainment Pvt.Ltd, Aladdin - Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek is the story adapted from a fable, Aladdin. Being an orphan, Aladdin is brought up by his mother's sister. The story is about Aladdin (Mandar Jadhav) who struggles to eliminate the evil magician Jafar (Ranvijay Razdan), who killed his parents. Jafar tries to acquire the magic lamp. Aladdin wins half battle by laying hands on the magical lamp housed in a cave of miracles, which happens to be his parents' legacy. As a result, he could call upon his charismatic Ginn (Arjun Dutt), who lives inside the magical lamp, for any help required. During his search to kill Jafar, Aladdin falls in love with the daughter of the Sultan of Zarniabad, Princess Jasmine (Nazea Hasan). She also loves him because of his pure heartedness and renders him all help to defeat the evil Jafar.
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Junaid goes on a mission to find Jinn’s head.

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