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Chhoti Bahu-Sindoor Bin Suhagan September 4 Episode Video Part 2

Dev manages to save Radhika from the fire in the outhouse. In the part 2 of the Sep 4 episode of Chotti Bahu - Sindoor Bin Suhagan on Zee TV, when Radhika regains consciousness she reveals to Dev the truth about Mata Ramji.

She narrates how Mata Ramji's goons kidnapped her and Abhay and set the outhouse on fire. Abhay too makes an appearance. Kanika gets emotional seeing him.  

Mata Ramji tries to dissuade Dev from believing Radhika's words. However, the story takes a surprise twist when Dev declares that he has regained his memory and that only Radhika is his real wife and the Purohits his real family.

Kanika too gathers strength and says that she wants to reunite with Abhay and live with him and their son Dipu.

Mata Ramji gets furious and threatens Dev with the legal documents he had signed saying that he will marry Kanika. Radhika asks Mata Ramji to show her the documents and tears them off. Mata Ramji looks on in horror. Knowing that her plans have gone kaput, she leaves the scene.

Dev and Radhika are happily remarried on the holy day of akhti.

After the function, Shastriji and Devaki heave a sigh of relief and thank the God for blessing them with a divine soul like Radhika. However, Ammaji taunts them that they are calling a girl like Radhika who they had found abandoned on the steps of the temple a divine soul.

The story changes track and shifts to the house of an eccentric old man by the name of Pandit Tara Shankar who is narrating his story to a neighbor. Tara Shankar is furious at his daughter Imarti who has turned to thefts and pick pocketing. He says that he committed a mistake by abandoning a gem on the temple steps and keeping a stone with him. He tells him how he abandoned one of his daughters in the temple as he could not afford to look after them after the death of his wife.

Tara Shankar then abruptly screams at the neighbor and asks him to get lost. He yells at

Imarti and asks her to stop stealing or kill him. Imarti answers back in a rude and crass tone asking her father to kill himself and not trouble her. Who is Imarti?

Serial: Chhoti Bahu - Sindoor Bin Suhagan
Episode Number: 459
Telecast Date: September 4, 2010

What's happening

Shastriji and Devki in Brindawan have two daughters Radhika (who is adopted) and Vishakha.
Radhika, is unselfish and dutiful. On the other hand is Vishakha who wants to be an actress and aspires to make big in Bollywood. She is headstrong and selfish. Vishakha and Radhika share a great bond.
The Purohits, who are from Delhi but have their ancestral house in Brindawan, have two sons, Vivek and Dev. The Purohits have huge expectations from their younger son, Dev who falls for Radhika. But destiny has something else in store and he gets married to Vishakha. The story takes a massive turn when Radhika enters Dev's house.
The stage is set for a rather unusual triangle, each character grappling with peculiar dilemmas…


Rubina - Radhika
Avinash Sachdev - Dev
Rajeev Verma - Shastriji
Prabha Sinha - Vaishali
Samtha Sagar - Devki (Shastriji's wife)
Rita Bhadhuri - Dadima (Dev's Dadi)
Gopiji Dadi - (Shastri mother)


  • Rajeev Verma as Brij Mohan Shastri
    Rajeev Verma
    Brij Mohan Shastri
  • Avinash Sachdev as Dev
    Avinash Sachdev
  • Rubina Dilaik as Radhika
    Rubina Dilaik
  • Priyanka Mishra as Vishakha
    Priyanka Mishra
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Hats off to Rubina's utter professionalism!
Rubina Dilaik, Radhika of Chhoti Bahu, recently met with a huge tragedy. The actor along with her co-star Avinash was to perform at the Zee Rishtey Awards 2010.
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