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Episode 48

Serial: Naaginn
Episode Number:12
Telecast Date: May 31, 2008
Sneha feels that Amrita is hiding some unknown facts from her and wants to unveil the truth. Meanwhile, Arjun is madly in love with his wife Amrita and tries to embrace her but Amrita doesn’t allow him to touch her as her family is under the surakasha kawatch and if anybody touches her she will eventually turn into a snake. She is not able to perform the gatbandhan puja either. Amrita now feels helpless as she is unable to perform her household duties. Meanwhile, Sneha slips from the stairs and Amrita is unable to save her. BabyKornAmrita (Shayantani Ghosh), the main protagonist, started her career with a minuscule role in Kumkum and later played a lead role in Ghar Ek Sapna.  

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Produced by erstwhile actress Aroona Irani and aired during prime time on Zee TV (Friday and Saturday, 8.30 pm), Naaginn Waadon Ki Agniparikshaa is a show about an ichadhaari naagin, a snake which can transform into human form at will. The Rathod family has killed her parents for the precious and elusive naagmani (precious diamond in a snake's hood). The naagin now wants revenge. The naagin (Sayantani Ghosh) transforms herself into a woman and marries into the family that killed her parents. But now she faces a new dilemma - she is torn between the revenge she has promised her parents and her duty as a wife. Other cast members include Aroona Irani herself, Ali Hassan, Siddhart Dhawan and Shabaaz Khan. Baby Kushboo plays the young naagin.
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Amrita is forbidden from touching her family members due to the suraksha kawatch.

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