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Produced by erstwhile actress Aroona Irani and aired during prime time on Zee TV (Friday and Saturday, 8.30 pm), Naaginn Waadon Ki Agniparikshaa is a show about an ichadhaari naagin, a snake which can transform into human form at will. The Rathod family has killed her parents for the precious and elusive naagmani (precious diamond in a snake's hood). The naagin now wants revenge. The naagin (Sayantani Ghosh) transforms herself into a woman and marries into the family that killed her parents. But now she faces a new dilemma - she is torn between the revenge she has promised her parents and her duty as a wife. Other cast members include Aroona Irani herself, Ali Hassan, Siddhart Dhawan and Shabaaz Khan. Baby Kushboo plays the young naagin.


  • Aruna Irani as Triveni
    Aruna Irani
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Episode 43
Amrita is forbidden from touching her family members due to the suraksha kawatch.
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