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Saat phere - Episode 392

Bua criticizes Savari for her dark looks and says she won't allow Daksh to marry her. However, as Saloni has already agreed for it, Bua's opinion doesn't matter to Daksh. Bua angrily leaves the wedding ceremony in the May 28 episode of Saat Phere aired on Zee TV.

Now, along with Shweta and Rajveer, even Daksh and Savari will get married the next day.

Kaveri's decision of not attending the wedding angers Samar, Narpat and Ambika. The story takes an interesting turn when Kaveri attends the wedding and apologizes for her rude behavior all these years.

As the marriage ceremony takes place, Bhabo calls Amrit to complete the ritual as Shweta and Savari have always considered Amrit as their father.

As Shweta and Savari get married, the serial Saat Phere comes to an end.

Serial: Saat Phere
Episode Number: 12
Telecast Date: May 28, 2009

What's happening

Saat Phere is the story of 24-year-old Saloni (Rajshri Thakur) who is often criticized for her dark complexion. Saloni has to constantly fight to prove her point to her parents and in-laws, but at the same time family always comes first for Saloni who is willing to sacrifice her interests for them.

Saloni finds support in her businessman husband Nahar (Sharad Kelkar) who is very attached to his family. Tara (Ashlesha Sawant), Saloni's sister-in-law is wicked by nature and takes pleasure in disturbing the peace. To add fuel to the fire, Saloni's step-sister, Kalika (Aashka Goradia), marries into the same family to take revenge for her painful childhood.

A dutiful daughter and an ideal daughter-in-law, Saloni now has another challenge in her life - to give her father Narpat Singh (Mohan Bhandari) his rightful place in the house.


  • Surekha Sikri as Bhabo
    Surekha Sikri
  • Rajshree Thakur as Saloni
    Rajshree Thakur
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Rajshri Thakur - facts you didn't know
Rajshri Thakur - facts you didn't know
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Saat phere - Episode 96
After Shweta and Savari get married, the serial Saath Phere comes to an end.
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